A modillion is an architectural element found at the top of walls and used to support a cornice. It differs from the raven by the care given to its sculpture. Indeed the modillion has a more decorative purpose than structural, and is therefore more finely carved.
The great creativity of the imagiers and the richness of the themes dealt with make themodillons of the Romanesque period remarkable elements. The naivety of the style of some is as striking as the finesse of others. The sculptors were particularly free in the creation of these architectural elements: floral or geometric elements, erotic scenes, monsters or animals could rub shoulders with life scenes, religious, moral or educational themes.
Our piece of marble, a guarantee of quality and proof that this modillion was part of a rich architectural ensemble, seems to represent a horse’s head in the pure Romanesque style: things are represented as they are imagined and not necessarily as they are.

Modillon – Marble – France – Romanesque period


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